Reject (Commercial Quality Standart) Please share some feedback!

Hello AudioJungle Peers,

hereby I would like to finally ask for feedback-help, because my latest track got rejeted based on commercial quality standart. I kept the track very simple and I like this prodution. I have to admit that I should mellow the track a view days longer, in the meanwhile I have some details in my mind to improve this song. Please writte whats up in your mind! Any detail mixing-/mastering/sample quality/harmonics wise could help me out to get better the next time.

I will share a Dropbox-Link (WAV) because Soundcloud is streaming in MP3 128k/bts by default:


Your help is appreaciated and Thank you in advance!

Patrick, Berlin


You’ve got some good stuff going on overall, here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Something is out of tune, possibly the perc organ bass, which isn’t letting it sound locked in.
  2. The perc organ timing is also off in the beginning. It makes more sense when the percussion comes in, but you can’t glitch the bass because that’s the basis of the groove.
  3. The last section has too many rhythms going on at once. You can get away with a hemiola with two rhythms, but the third one isn’t working for you.

Still, you have a nice sound going on in there and I think with some tweaking you’ll nail it. Great job!


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Hello Nate,:upside_down_face:
Glad that you like it too and Thanks you for sharing some golden tipps. Indeed! I bootet my project file and the base notes were not on point. But I had to zoom in into my DAW’s Midi Clip Microspace. In addition I put on the bass a 3,3 ms (100 wet) delayer to make a bit room for the drum-kick. I did not even noticed that So respect that you heared it. The piano hemiola is a Nexus 2 preset so I need to record it for my self via Keyboard to get rid of the 3th rhythm.

Thanks alot Nate!

You’re very welcome! Have you tried ducking the bass a little bit with a sidechain to let the kick come through? As for the piano, maybe you can just put a groove on it? I think if it were a little bit more like a swing instead of triplets it would probably fly. Just a thought…

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