Reject all my flyers!

Hello everyone!

I recently created a thread about the rejection of a couple of my flyers (they will be the same in the picture, who remembers, I improved them, but they were still rejected). Now, they have rejected 6 of my flyers in a row.

I’m not a rookie here, and didn’t come here for advice, as it can’t change anything, as it turns out. I know that my flyers are not bad, they are well organized. I have a portfolio of one and a half hundred works. My last flyer has already been in the top of the week for 2 weeks, and is aiming for the third. I know how to do it. But their rejections just bring me out of myself.

I think that the problem is not only with me, but also with other authors, I have already seen similar topics. What could be the reason, and who has a similar situation?

And interestingly, in April-May everything was fine, the work was approved and successfully sold. And my quality has only increased since then, as I feel.


Having some bulk rejections as well, no matter the quality, man.

Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s a pity if this is a regular practice.

This is the essence of the market, that one chooses from several offers.