REJECT again! Please Help!

Hi Folks!
This track (like others) was approved in other library and it’s already being used!

But here, always the same annoying message “REJECT” without any feedback.

Tell me your impressions guys, please!

In my opinion the most main broblem is small density, i mean compression and maybe exiting. Also I would have add more elements for development.

Good luck Mate :wink:

from 0:57 sounds a bit Confusedly like rush. And the whole concept of track a bit monotonous.

Hi Milo!

First off, remember that you are an exclusive author here on AudioJungle. Which means you can’t upload the same songs as you’ve uploaded elsewhere. The songs you upload here have to be exclusive to AudioJungle if you want to be an exclusive author. Otherwise you need to change your account here to non exclusive. This could be the reason for rejection.

Since you’re already selling Dance Now at a different marketplace you can’t sell it here as an exclusive author.

Regarding the song, I think it’s a great little funky number. Perhaps it lacks a bit when it comes to mastering. The mix could be fuller and punchier. Could also be why it was rejected.

Other than, great work. Listened to some of your other stuff on the other marketplace, you’re clearly a talented songwriter. You won’t have any trouble getting song approved here sooner or later.