Reject again :( 8 days i made it :( what is wrong, please help :(

hard reject again again, i made wedding title pack and got reject, but they accept other items , i think my title was better. isnt it? please help, what i did wrong here?

Try to compare you work with others with the same field and you need work more on the project i guess …
it’s good but you can make it better :slight_smile:

best wishes

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Thanks, i am trying. it is 14 reject :frowning: thats why i am loosing all motivation

I’ve started half of the year ago here with no knowledge of AE and up until now I had about 40 hard rejects, stopped counting after 37th. Don’t give up man. You will get there.

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thank you very much, you are awesome. it motevated me

your work its awesome
try to make them wobble effect or stop motion effect if i am you i will make them as a options of buyers
btw the shapes are not good improve the quality of the shapes too

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Thanks MotionMax, i started lear Wobbly effects and presets, soon i will try to make one