Rehub - Magento 2

Can this theme

Work with Magento 2

Hi @nigel3835,

Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately this is a WordPress theme and therefore will not work with Magento.


Could I Import my products from Magento into Rehub.
Thank you Whats the best server platform to host Rehub?

I suppose you could import products from Magento to any WordPress theme using dedicated plugin, assuming new theme can work with WooCommerce.

There’s large amount of hosting companies out there, however you may find this list useful:

If you have any more pre-sale questions, feel free to ask them in item comments section:


Hi Sorry to be a pain.Do you know anyone or a company that could set Rehub up for me, My web site at the moment I run on Magento but I want to convert into a Affiliate Publisher, coupons, deals site and the Rehub looks perfect. I just need to find someone I can pay to do the tech work.

In that case take a look at various services offered by skilled professionals at Envato Studio!


I could set-up your WordPress theme as well as I could import the content from/to Magento/WordPress if you need

Please, contact me for the details. I can install the theme first then offer a custom job for data management


How do I contact you not sure?