Regular vs Extended License?

Hey guys. I am going to be offering a digital product for sale, but I wanted to include a few free bonuses. Technically, the bonuses are not part of the original package, but just a bonus that we want to throw in for free for people who get our regular product.

My question is: if i get a product that is a template, say, for an invoice, and edit it quite a bit to suite my needs for the free bonus, am I able to use the Regular license, or do I need to buy the Extended license still?


hi, if u get a product? u mean if u give a product, right?

Yeah. Essentially, if people are buying product A, we’re giving them free bonuses of X, Y, Z. Product A is a bunch of video tutorials and instruction, and if they get that, I want to give them some free forms to use.

I was just wondering if I’d be able to get a template, edit it it with info, and then give that away as a bonus for free since they bought the product.

You’re not allowed to do such a thing whether you purchase a regular license or an extended one, I’m sorry.

Not sure, but if you give away an item, you need one license for each give away count

Here you go…

Can external blogs or businesses purchase my item and then give it away as a gift / prize?

Yes! We allow you and external blogs/businesses to help promote your item(s) in this way but only when the item is purchased by the third party, i.e., you cannot give the item away for free for the promotion, the third party must purchase a license to use it.

The external blog/website(s) must only give away the number of items/licenses they have bought. So, for example, if a blog wanted to give away three “copies” of your item, it would need to purchase three copies/licenses of the item.

Any partner(s) you are working with should always make it clear that the item is from Envato Market, and reference where someone can buy the original item on Envato Market. By giving away the item, the partner is in effect transferring the purchased license to the recipient of the giveaway. The partner should direct the recipient to the license terms for that item, pass on the license certificate and purchase code, and after the giveaway the partner’s copy of the item should be deleted.

So he will need to purchase a license for each and every time a customer purchases his product, right?

Absolutely. And he’ll need to let them know that it’s an item from Themeforest, and provide the link to the original item.

Thanks for the help guys. If that’s the case, I might just pay a designer do a custom design that I will be able to give a way for free instead. Thank you for the clarification!