Regular vs extended license


I want to use a design, in my own web site. On this web site users Will pay me for some other services that i give … Did i need to buy a regular or extended license.

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As long as they don’t need to pay you to access, view or use a certain part of the item, then a regular is fine. You can charge people and make money from an item on a regular license, you just can’t charge people and make money from people using the item.

If its still not clear, and you have a few more details on the project, I’d be happy to clarify.

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Thank you so much for your replay,
For example if i charge people for some data analysis or some other tools that i add to my web site depending on there demandes … Did i need then to have an extended license ?
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If these tools can be downloaded from the site, or you sent them to the buyer via email or some download ink, then you wouldn’t need an extended license due to that. If there’s a whole section of the site behind a paywall, that they can access and use the tools online, after paying a fee… then you probably would need an extended license.

Like news sites that charge to access articles, or Netflix, for example… they would need an extended license if they were using a theme from Envato. Although if were using a theme from an author, they wouldn’t need an extended license, even though they are selling items, take payment through the site, and have a page where people can download items.

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Oh … No the tools are not downoldable … It’s like options added to the user interface.
So it’s an extended license that i need … Ok then thank you so much.

Sounds like it might be, but double check with support just to be on the safe side… no point in buying an extended license if one isn’t required.

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