Regular or Extended License


Hi Everyone, I want to release my mobile game on Android and iOS. Do I have to buy the same game asset twice or just once?
And the game is gonna be free but I want to try monetize it using in game advertising. So do I have to buy regular or extended license?
Thank you for your time and answers. Have nice day!

Advice Needed About License

It doesn’t matter if you don’t sell it but you need to purchase extended license twice (for both Android and IOS)


Extended, really?! Because I’m not selling the game or its parts(game assets). I would just advertise other apps using for example AdMob. And it looks like I need only one license for Android and iOS.

[quote]###Which license do I need for an end product that is freely accessible or freely distributed to users?

As long as the end users can freely access the end product, the Regular License is fine. There can be more than one end-user (the person who uses the end product, such as the end consumer) as long as there is only one, unique end product.

[quote]###My end product will be distributed via multiple mediums. Do I need one license for each medium?

No. As long as it’s all the same end product, you can distribute it via different mediums without having to purchase new licenses.


Items at GR is not royalty free You could use the items on your website as the end product. In that case, you don’t have to purchase extended license. But when you give it away in a project ( It doesn’t matter if you sell or not. It’s commercial project ), you will be offering the assets free to the users ( let’s say your project has been downloaded 100 times by 100 different users but you have only one regular license to use ) That is why it’s a violation of regular license and you need extended license.

You’d also need license for each version because you’re changing the end product. When you use the items for IOS for example, the first license you have purchased is for Android and it’s not valid anymore. You could only use it for Android.


I get it now. Thank you for your patience with me! Have a nice day!