Regular or Extended license for World Health Organization


I’ll start from the beginning to make it clear. Somewhere 4 months ago I was hired to correct the site design and write several plugins. The site template was purchased in the themeforest. License was Regular. And if I’m not mistaken, according to this license, the buyer can hire developers to configure it and/or make any changes to the template.

Recently I was contacted from one branch of the World Health Organization and offered to participate in the tender for the development of a new site. After a conversation with the department responsible for finding a website developer, I found out that they liked the site I was working on 4 months ago.

If I’ll get a tender, I have 2 questions:

  1. If I’ll need to use the same template, do I have to buy an extended license?
  2. If an organization buys a template and gives it to me to work on it, will it be enough for them to buy a regular license?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Regular license should be enough as long as you have purchased separate regular license for each of the sites. Also, keep in mind if the project requires using of multiple sub-domains and multiple installations, you would need a separate license for each installation/sub-domain. Same goes for multi-site network if it’s based on sub-domains rather than just folders/directories.

Hope this helps.


Regular would be enough.

However (and don’t take his the wrong way but there are some pretty major considerations you might want to think about).

The WHO is a pretty major organization (the kind that will rarely use a template or stock projects) and I totally get why you would want to work with them:

  1. Do they know the site you were working on was a stock theme? It could be quite embarrassing for them if it came to light in the future and you had not made them aware of it from the start.

  2. Plus they may have questions about paying what I assume will be quite a big bill for editing when the theme is less than <$100

  3. Really they should buy the theme as that way they get access to the lifetime of updates which would not be possible if you purchase it then part ways. With this in mind you are going to have to let them know where it is from and how much it costs!

  4. If you are working using themes from here - do you have the experience and skillset to go beyond basic modification? Will you be able to update the theme if the author gives up on it? Maintain the site potentially without author support?

    Effectively if you are entirely upfront and honest with them; they understand the caveats of using a stock item and the costs, considerations around it, and they are happy with this then there’s nothing stopping you doing this, but when dealing with a pretty serious organization you need to be very very very careful that you go about it the right way.

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Thank you very much for your comments!!

I initially warned the WHO that the site template was bought in the themeforest and sent them a link to the theme. But I did not say anything about updating and supporting the theme. Thank you for reminding me! I will definitely write to them about it! And it will be right to just send a link to the rules for using templates from the themeforest.

I also warned that it might be necessary to buy an extended license if the rules require that. But according to your comments, a regular license will be enough. I want to once again clarify this point:

Can I buy a template with a regular license in MY ACCOUNT in the themeforest, modify it and then send/sell it to WHO?

Thanks for your help!

You can but just to reiterate:

  • it’s for ONE website per license I.e if they have multiple sites or regional installations then you may need separate regular licenses

  • they won’t be able to access updates or support except via your account

An extended license is only relevant if they are charging people to use the site which seems unlikely.

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