Regular or extended license for non-profit membership?

I am building a website for a non-profit organization (in higher education) that has membership fees. There will be access to areas that are limited to paying members only. These areas will include items such as membership directory (protected so people don’t get spammed), updating the calendar of events, etc. There are many other benefits of being a paid member that are not related to the website (i.e. conference discount, regional and state meetings, etc.). The information found in the secure area will, at times, be shared by members with non-members. So the information in the secure areas is not actually being purchased, it is in a secure area to protect it from being abused.

Does this require an extended license or will a regular license work in this circumstance?


If there is part of the end product (the website you’re creating) where the end users will have to pay for viewing/using that part, then Extended License is required.

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and if there is no payment, just a separation of topics that are secured versus unsecured?