Regular or Extended License for Food Ordering Website?

Hi there!

I am so confused… I am working on website for my own restaurant. I would like to buy product from envato for online ordering food.

Do I need Extended or its Regular OK?

I would ask directly to Envato, but I dont know where is hidden contact form… I have been through all website :smiley:

Thanks to anyone who can helo me!!!

If you’re going to use it on one website, regular license would be enough. Extended license is basically for re-sale and you won’t need it

Regular license is ok in your case. :slight_smile:

with extended you cannot resell multiple copy of the item itself you can only sell it once to 1 customer and not make your own buiseness redistributing unlimited copy of item just to make things clear.

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This may help What is the use of Extended licence for themeforest

& hidden form is here

For me or for him to make it clear? I know the details already

for him to prevent any missunderstanding of the extended license because you included re-sale in your answer

If by re-sale, you mean selling the finished website on to a client, you only need a regular license. But as already stated, none of the licenses allow for multiple uses.

You only need an extended license if people have to pay to access, watch or use the end product. That’s more common when it comes to video and audio, so dvd’s, cd’s, movies etc… a bit rarer when it comes to websites, but Netflix would be an example.

In this instance, yes, people might be charged through the website, but they’re paying for the food, not the ability to access the Envato item… so a regular license is fine. Whether you’re the owner of the site or you’re making it for a client.