Regular or Extended license for an e-shop


I messaged Envato, but I have not gotten a response yet, I figured I’d better ask here.

I want to make my e-shop with a “freebie of the month” PSD template I downloaded. Since “freebie of the month” stuff already have Regular license on them, is it possible to use them for my e-shop?

I will be selling my hand-made knitted and crochet stuff, i.e. I will not be charging for visiting the website, but only for the things I knit (like socks, scarves, gloves). Will regular license do the trick?

Thank you!

Only one thing, you cannot sell the template/theme on Envato or anywhere else. If you’re just using it, no problem! You need to code it first but of course you can use it on your website.

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Keep in mind that you don’t get support or updates with the freebies, so you may need to upgrade to a paid license further down the line.

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Cool! Thank you! I dont know why extended licenses exists if you can make an e-shop with a normal one.

I dont care about support. I prefer to do the front end myself anyways, but I suck at making pretty websites hence why I need PSD files for a website.

Just for reference extended use varies between marketplaces and item types but in the case of websites the main difference is those which require restricted/paid for/subscription based access.

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Got it, because then the user would actually have to pay to see/use the “theme” correct?
But in the case of socks the user will only pay for them?

Pretty much - if they are just buying a product e.g. social that’s fine under regular license.

If they had to pay to see exclusive content or offers on socks then that would need to be an extended license.

In a nut shell (obviously can vary based on individual case) if a user has to pay to use a site then regular is not enough.

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Got it. Thank you so much! Long live my socks! :smiley:

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