Regular or Enhanced License

Incase I want to develop a site for online education which includes many paid courses delivered via Virtual tutoring (3rd party add-on), what license will be required.

There’s no problem with selling items on your website. A regular license is fine :grin:


Hi @shaheedk

An Extended license is only needed if you intend to use the theme to develop another item and sell it (the theme, its code, etc). If you are just selling courses, the users are charged for your course’s content, not for using the site, so the Extended license is not needed. You will only need to use the Regular license in this case.

Also, in case you are developing a site for online education, we can suggest you a few best-selling themes for online education below:


or Course Builder

As a contribute to @ThimPress, we’ve just released a theme for selling online courses as well. And it supports both LearnDash and LearnPress. Just another option for you to choose @shaheedk :wink:

Thank you for this information.

Hi KD,

I’m thinking of creating online courses using Masterstudy theme. The courses are prerecorded videos where students pay and access them. Which license would be enough?

Heya! You’ll want the extended license for that :grin:

Hi KD,

Thank you so much for the reply.

To be exact, the Masterstudy theme would only facilitate my website. It has virtually nothing do with course content as the courses are finance related.

The business model is extremely similar to Udemy (online courses) where students pay for course access and learn. Of course, the access to website is free only the paid courses would need payment prior access.

I don’t know anything about coding and only thing I’m going to do is customize the theme according to my brand with my logos and written content such as “about us”, “privacy policy” and other relevant blog posts.

Hope I’m clear to you with this explanation.

Would I still need an extended license for this purpose?


I don’t wish to disagree with my esteemed colleague @KingDog but if you are just using this theme for your own use (one website)

Well that’s how I understand what you are asking for, but @KingDog if I have made an error please tell me

I’m no where near a license expert :sweat_smile: Just considering it’s behind a pay wall, but our Help Team would definitely know.

Update: My mistake. I was thought the question was on the music license for the videos and not the theme.