Regular Lisence, Can I use the Theme For 2 Different Sites?

Good evening, this is my first post questions in the forum evanto

I recently had intended to buy a wordpress theme from evanto (Themeforest), but I am confused intention of regular license

I have two sites with different domain, I now intend to buy a newspaper theme by tagdiv. if I buy one theme and use the theme to two different sites?

for example, I bought a theme, I have a website “” and “” I want to put the theme of newspaper at two sites.

if this is allowed?

Sorry for bad english

Hi @gedesagus
When you purchase an item from ThemeForest, you can use that item in one end product (in your case “one end product” means one website).
So if you want to use a theme in two websites, you need to purchase that theme twice.
You can read more about licenses here.

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Excuse me, I have a similar matter. Currently I have purchased a Newspaper theme but to do the tests before installing it on my site that has created a mirror in a sub-domain, can I install the topic in this sub-domain to do tests and then install it on the main?


Hey there. I’m not 100% sure here, but if you remove the theme from the testing environment once you install the theme on the main site, one license should be fine. That said, if you would like to get an official answer directly from Envato, the Help Team will happily forward your query to the Legal team. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, now to confirm this you can route this query with the packaging
team or create a direct query to them?

Thank you,.

Hey again. The Help Team will be able to assist you more efficiently if they receive the query directly from you. Here is the contact form:

Cheers! :slight_smile: