Regular License

I need clarification on the Regular License. So if I purchase a website (html only template/theme), I have the following questions regarding what I would be permitted or not permitted to do:

  1. Would I be allowed to modify any existing elements that come with the theme?
  2. Would I be allowed to enhance it with additional elements?
  3. Would I be allowed to enhance it with additional programming e.g. ASP.NET
  4. Would I be allowed to charge my client for the end product?

I’d appreciate if anyone could clarify this for me.

Thank you


Yes to all of them but remember - one license = 1 website

The License includes the End product being distributed free. What does this refer to?

It means you can distribute what you make for free - it doesn’t chage the fact that each project requires its own unique license/purchase

I see. So I can also charge my client (one client only) any fees for the end product, but I can also distribute it for free too,

what was confusing to me was the difference between charging a fee for the end product and distributing it for free, which to me meant me the same thing.

Hi @StephenK64 ,

The following are the main concept regarding distributed for free:

If your customer will need to pay to access your website content then you will need to purchase extended license.
Where Regular License, your end product (incorporating the item you’ve licensed) is distributed for free.

So, distributed for free mean the end product access for free (no need to pay to get access full or part of the end product).


OK, so in my scenario. I am going to develop an eCommerce website for my client using a HTML template . I can charge my client a fee for the work that I do to produce the End Product which is the website. When I hand over the website to my client, I will transfer the license over to them. The end-users, who are my client’s customers, will not need to pay to access the eCommerce website (free access), therefore the website as an End Product will be distributed for free. And so for this scenario, the Regular License is sufficient for me.

Is this correct?


yes, you are right. the Regular License will be sufficient.