Regular license with a wptheme on two different domain (not for selling)

Hi everyone.
I bought the wp theme from envato market, the "pelicula ". This because i have a business and i wanted to create my own website with wordpress. I changed hosting service (i had siteground and now i want to change to another). Is the pelicula still avaible on another hosting platform and on other domain (i want to change my website’s one).
Is it possibile with the regular license of pelicula?

One license, one installation. If you need two installation, you need another license .

Thanks for the rapid answer but i edit my faq cause wasnt complete

As long as you remove the previous installation, you can use it on another domain/installation

So, if my domain and my hosting is closed, is this automatic? The " installation slot" is now free to use?

Correct. You may need to contact the theme author for the activation if the theme requires .

in most theme you will find a theme license registration and un-registration options. So, if your theme has that option then you have to un-register the theme license from the old domian/hosting then you will be able to use the license for your new domian/hosting.

In this process if you need support you can contact theme author.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: