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I hope I’m in the right category. :slight_smile:
because I come from germany the english description is not always clear for me. I need some help, pls:
What does it means: in a single end product?

Does it means that I may use the graphic only ONCE for ONE video or am I allowed to show the graphic EVERYTIME at the beginning (in every further video) - as long as I DON’T CHANGE the opener anymore ?
I would like to create a logo and then show my opener at the beginning, everytime. Is this still “in a single end product”?

I look forward to answers. My purchase depends on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The item is what you purchase from Envato Market. The end product is what you build with that item.

What is a single application?

A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). The end product depends on the nature of the item - for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways.

Do I need a new license each time I use my logo created from a logo template?

No. You only need one license for each unique logo that you create. That is the end product, which you can then use in unlimited ways. Remember that you need a new license for each finished logo that you create.

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Thank you very much for this help!!! :slight_smile: