Regular License or Extended License

We are trying to connect customers and event organizations and we are looking for a theme that will allow us to this. We have found some that we like, now we are wondering regarding the license. The business model is that the event organizers enter their own events on the website and select what they will charge for it. Then after the event is created the customer can then select the event, book it and pay for it directly. We charge the organizers and customers a small fee that is paid on every transaction. Which license do we need to have to support this business model?


Assuming all website content is freely accessable to all customers/visitors then Regular License will be fine for this business model.


Yes, most of the website will be freely accessible, except for private information that is only connected to the user.

  • Bank information
  • Personal Information

Regular is fine.

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private information, security information, personal information is not part of the website public content, those are privacy content. So, regular license will be fine for your business model.

Hello. I work for corporate design agency.

we generally create social videos & promote our brands on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. using our products.

Can you help us which license i should buy?