Regular license or Extended license for T-Shirts E-Commerce site


im going to build an ecommerce website that selling t-shirts, and i interested to buy one theme on theme forest. Which license should i buy? Regular license or Extended License


normal license is enough for you


You will need an extended license as you will be charging your end users through your website. Still directly ask Envato Support about it and explain your business so that they can guide you in right direction.


Regular is fine. You’re only charging people for the t-shirts, not to view or access the actual end product, which is the website itself. If people can view or access the end product for free, then no need to have an extended license.


Thx guys for the responses, really appreciate it.


I totally agree with you, the end product means the theme/template it self not the stuffs like t-shirts, pants or something like that.


There is some e-commerce theme from theme forest, that didn’t give extended license, what do you think?


It is a 100% GPL licensed theme meaning which one regular license is fine for any type of business.


Exactly, so in my case, i only need regular license cz i just sell t-shirts which is one of any type of business, is that correct?


Yes. It is correct.


Hello, i want ask about similar topic. i was purchase reguler license 1 item (themes) for my client. and now i want buy 1 more reguler license for another client. is i need to put something (about license) in my client website for prove i was purchase that themes? or i only need pay 1 regular and finish, not need anything for proving.

thank you


You’ll need one licence for each project. The licence will also need to be in the clients name, so i suggest getting them to make the purchase.


… concerning the example with the t-shirts, it is the same with real estate then?
The end product is the house, flat, etc. but it is not sold directly via the website.
In this case a REGULAR LICENSE would be the right one, correct?