regular license on two webservers


I have purchased the WP theme “TheGem” as a regular license.

Is it allowed to install this theme/license at the same time on an internal test- and development-server and also on the public webserver (the actual domain)?

Greetings from Thuringia / Germany

Peter Rost

Yes, that is allowed, but don’t enter your purchase code or activate the license on the local/test server. Only the production copy should be activated (to avoid conflicts).

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Hello bailayherbert,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Unfortunately, my theme has many addons and demo-contents which can only be used if I have entered the license code.

Is there no other chance for the test-system than to dispense with all these additions. that would be worth the theme only half as much.

Greetings from Thuringia / Germany

Peter Rost

In that case, you will want to contact the author of the theme and ask them, since each author has their own license system.

hello baileyherbert,

i will do so, many thanks for your support.