Regular license in the case of a test site

We acquire a regular license for a Wordpress template.

Our client organized his project with two domains: a server space for tests with a domain for testing and a domain for production with the main domain. Any modification is done first in the test site and after evaluation is applied to the site in production.

Our question is: Does the client need an additional license for the testing site even though it is the same project?

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

I think if your client testing site is not live site just for your change testing then don’t need additional license but please don’t try to register the theme for your client testing server. because per license for per end product as like for each domian/website.

i have a similar question.
if i buy a HTML Template License and Doing it for a client can i change all the content of the template?
even the footer Copyright Reserved to Client?

yes you can change all the content of the template according to your need. Also you can change copyright reserved to your client website. Just thing if you can’t change then how can you use that template for your need. Enjoy