Regular license for youtube partner monetized video

Hi, I want to buy 26-28 videohive proyects: intro reveals, lower thirds and socials media and more different proyects, in order to: punt into a video on youtube, which everybody can view the video on youtube for free BUT the company (us) will Being a YouTube partner, therefore: we will monetize THAT videos that contain that Envato material, the end user can see for free the ideo but we will recieve money from youtube partner.

I need extended license or regular license? I ask it because we want to be legally, but at the same if we need extended license then we won’t buy it, because it’s too expensive. ¿It’s enough with regular license?

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The Regular License is fine for YouTube videos whether you monetize your videos or not.


If you need Youtube monetization that works great with our items (as affiliate or no) and no lock downs contact me or visit website here i can help.

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Thanks Osama, but, are you sure? Are you oficcially from envato?

Hi again, you can read more here:

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No, I’m not Envato staff. The Regular License basically grants you the right to use the item for commercial purposes, which means that you’re allowed to use the licensed item to create one end product and make money out of the end product. And that’s exactly what you need for monetized YT videos.
If the end users will have to pay for viewing the end product (e.g. the end product is a theatrical movie), then you would need to buy Extended License.

If you are still not convinced, you can get in touch with the Envato support team here:

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Thanks to everybody!

Hey Guys, i hope u can help me out! I have a doubt! I want to buy videohive projects 4 my utube channel as well. Do i have to pay every time i use the same opener or only once? Ideia is to open my videos with the same videohive project/layout. Thanks!

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