Regular License for use in Fee-based Service possible?


Hi all,

I am thinking about developing a shopping / information portal based on a multivendor theme and it’s plugins. It would offer registered users a means to publish their news and products. Would I be allowed to charge the registered users any fees for that service? If for example a merchant want to open his / her own store on my site, I would like to charge a fee for that. The user would not be charged to use a particular plugin or theme, instead the entire service would be to be paid for.

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • sellers buy a subscription which gives the them a bespoke store front of their own as part of your site


  • do their products just go go onto one single shop and their registration is just to add their products to that?

Bottom line is that if there is an area of the site that users need to pay to access e.g if I can only get my own store as part of your site by paying to subscribe you are going to need the extended license.