Regular License for a SaaS product (not reselling the template)?

Hey everyone, I am having a bit of trouble understanding the license requirements on here. Essentially, we are trying to build a SaaS that will be a management program. For this, I am wanting to use a unique look and themeforest has tons of templates to choose from. The issue is, I am a one man army as far as the budget is concerned and COVID has taken a giant toll on my financials.

Since I would be using the template, and not reselling the website, but rather the functionality for my clients to use, would I be required to use the extended license or the regular license? From what I understand, I get the feeling that if I bought the template, tweaked it, and sold it, that would require me to get the extended license, but since I am using the template myself and thereafter simply selling my services that are not related to the template, does the extended license requirement still apply?

Thanks a ton!

Regular or extended is not relevant in terms of volume - the question will be about use because typically themes are not meant to be used in SASS.

It sounds more like a promotional website for your services which are not directly connected to the functionality of the website?

If so then a standard regular license will be fine

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