Regular licence or extended licence to buy HTML theme and then convert it to Drupal to sell ?

Hello, we are planning on purchasing a Responsive HTML5 Template for sale in Regular Licence: $15, Extended Licence $800 and converting it into a Drupal 8 theme. Our Drupal 8 theme will be based on this theme and we intend to sell it, do we need to purchase the extended license? If not, what is the proper way to proceed with this project?

Thank you

To do that you must have:

  1. Extended license

  2. Permission form the original author plus any agreement e.g. profit sharing, commission, etc. they require

Thank you for the prompt response!

If we get the agreement from the original author, in what format do you require it? Simple email? Or is it something more specific?

Not really there is no set format - just need to make sure you have it in writing or email etc. and include this or similar when submitting the other format.

Hi there,
You can write the letter to the author with the offer on partnership.
Then the author has to create ticket from envato support (here). He has to tell them about your agreement to cooperate at development of the Drupal Version of his HTML Template.
To the author will receive the letter with Ticket ID

You need the Number of that ticket when you will Upload the Drupal theme! And that’s all!

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Fantastic! . . . Thank you Mad Sparrow