regular licence in code canyon

I have a website that contains games… and this website has a monthly subscription fee… Can I buy a game from Code Canyon (( regular licence )) and change the programming language in it, edit some images, delete the company logo that appears at the beginning of the game… and use it commercially??

You will need to purchase an extended license for your purpose of use.

Now I bought game with a regular license. Should I buy it again…or will the extended license be increased?? And how is that done

If you contact the Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you for purchasing extended license and regular license fee will be sorted (refunded) by them.


thank you so much

I want to ask when I want to buy a game code for commercial use from Code Canyon… Do I buy it twice, once for the regular license and then buy it again for the advanced license??

a single license will be fine for a single end product.


Your best option is to check with Envato

The licencing terms are above, and looking at your inital post you seemed to be asking if you buy a game from the marketplace, then edit it and use it commercially, that to me what suggest you probably would need to consider extended licences.

You would in the case of what you have described, buy the extended licence everytime because it sounds to me like you are then developing the product, and then charging your customers to pay YOU a subscription fee to play these games.

I have sent them many times and no one contacted me or responded

Please don’t create multiple tickets because it will make the reply more delay. Just keep patience, envato support team will reply you as quickly they can.

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