Registration problem - token danied

Hello Guys,

I am preparing a new photo website and because I am not a developer, I asked my friend to buy for me a template “photography”.

He bought it and send me all template in ZIP. I installed it WP and wanted to work with it. I found I need activate it through any “token” so I visited and made a registration. After thet I try to sign in, but it doesn´t work, because of error: Could not load signed in user profile: The API returned an error (403 - Forbidden)

Can you help me, how can I gain my token? Without token I can not choose “import demo” and I can not choose “theme customizer”.

Thank you very much.

Hello @martin2142! Contact Envato Support, they will be happy to help you!

Good luck!

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In this case your friend have to login and have to create a token to use for your website. when your friend will try to api website login have to use envato market login credentials (original purchaser account). Then your friend can give you the token to use it in your website. You will not be able to activate the template/theme using your newly created account because you are not the original purchaser.


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