Registering existing songs with AdRev


Hi guys. Just a quick question about AdRev.

What will happen with old customers who already bought my items if i register those items in AdRev now? Is this a good idea or it better to register new tracks only?

And another small question…Can i resgister songs in AdRev with a different name than it listen in AudioJungle?



Great question and i would like to know about this too!


I think AdRev will approve the old tracks too
And answering your the second question: Yes


Thanks for answer. I would like to know wouldn’t there be any problems for customers who already purchased a track (like copyright strikes or something) ?


they’ve got a licence for that
if they’re using your item in violation of rules of the licence then they will be suitable for AdRev’s program which means that on the video with your track will be blaced commercial which will bring you some money


Yes but when they bought an item there were no mention anything about AdRev, wouldn’t it be confusing for them?


I think there is no problem

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The same will happen for old customers as for new. The system doesn’t know the difference. Yes, some of them will now receive 3rd party matches from AdRev, ads may start to roll and they might get annoyed. You never receive copyright strikes with AdRev. That is something different.

It’s up to you to decide. The chances of making any $$$ with AdRev are much, much bigger if you register all your music of course.