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Hello, I would like to know if I can register as my intellectual property a video of a course made by me with my own content, but in which I have used Envatoelements articles as background music, an effect of an adobe premiere template, an infographic animation, etc., and these articles are not the main content of the video.
Thank you.


What do you mean by registering as your intellectual property? What entity are you planning on registering to?

In any case, all elements gotten from Envato must be excluded from this registration. Depending on the registration process, there may be various implications.

@PurpleFog is right about there being considerable implications.

The main obstacle I would flag is that you don’t own the copyright to items you buy or download from envato. That remains with the author. You are just licensing to use it.

I can’t see how creating IP around content you don’t own the rights to would work without confusion.

I mean services like It is not a service like the “official” or traditional intellectual registry of each country, but maybe a proof of authorship of a work.
Envato’s articles are part of that work, so I thought I couldn’t make a register like that, but I wasn’t sure.

Logic: mode on -> Item available for download on elements is … available for all subscribers. They can use this item for personal use (of for their business [[ except reselling this item ]]) but they can’t register all rights to this item (or for the part of this item).

If you want make such registration you have to make item by yourself 100%. :slight_smile:

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That website has the main banner saying “The leading Copyright Registry on the Net” - you don’t own the copyright.

Plus, under 10 Euro for a registration cannot be a serious product. Most likely it does something like help to timestamp or something like that which is an ok precaution but far from true copyright or IP

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Ok, thanks everyone, now I get it. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t2: