Regarding the use of sound data for in-app videos,

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Is there any problem with the following usage?
If so, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with a problem-free usage method.

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The client purchases the sound data, shares the sound data with us, and we incorporate it into the video we produce and deliver.
The video will be incorporated into the final medical rehab application.

That is all.
If there is any information missing, we apologize, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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As long as the audio remains part of the video and it is not made available as an audio file, then the use you described is fine.

Please note, that if the final application is downloadable and is downloaded more than 10,000 times, then it would require a Music Mass Reproduction license.

Hope it helps!


Thank you for your response.
Since you have given us a clear answer, I will use it with confidence.

The assumed audio file will be used as background music for the video, and it is not made with the assumption that the user will adjust or edit the audio file, so it seems to be fine.

Regarding the 10,000 times limit, should we purchase the Music Mass Reproduction license even if we assume that the app will be reproduced more than 10,000 times here?
I assume that the app will be packaged with other items and physically distributed.

Also, if I purchase the Music Standard License first and then purchase the Music Mass Reproduction license later, would the 10,000 times limit mentioned above be a problem?

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to your response.



10000回の制限についてなのですが、こちらはアプリが10000回以上複製されると想定する場合にも、Music Mass Reproduction licenseでの購入した方が良いでしょうか。

また、Music Standard Licenseで先に購入し、後からMusic Mass Reproduction licenseで購入した場合には、上記の10000回の制限は問題なくなるでしょうか。



Regarding the 10,000 copies limitation, if you expect the distribution to be over that threshold, then you should get the Mass Reproduction license.

If you are not sure however, you can indeed first get the Music Standard license and then upgrade to a Mass Reproduction license, once you cross that threshold. You can upgrade your license by contacting Envato support. Or you can simply buy the new license, when needed.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you for your reply!
I see that you can also upgrade.
I think I can handle it in the way you mentioned and I will explain so to my client.
That was very helpful. Thank you very much for your answer.



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