regarding the under development theme


em about to develop a wordpress theme replicate of a well known blog… currently the live blog isn’t on wordpress but i have observed users are in search of theme like that blog…

can you please give me your views/suggestions…?

em sure by developing this theme, em not violating any rules or regulations…


You are developing a WordPress version of another existing website/blog based on a different platform?

Is the original on Themeforest? If it is you must have permission from the original auhtor to convert it plus the correct agreements and/or licenses.

If it is just another website off envato then 100% it will be rejected or worse still you could potentially face very serious copyright action.

so should i completely drop my idea? or how can i help those who are interested in theme like that blog?

Is it an envato file or is it just another website blog?

Its just an another blog… not developed on wordpress… em thinking to redevelop the same but as a wordpress theme

But is the original for sale already in different format on Themeforest?

no man, how can i develop a thing which is already for sale on themeforest? it isn’t on themeforest neither on any other website for sale.

let me explain you again… I saw a blog by which i was inspired… that seems custom developed blog… em thinking to develop the same blog but in wordpress make sense?

Ok got it -in which case 100% absolutely not.

You can’t just develop someone else’s design in a different format- that is what copyright law is designed to prevent.

For what it is worth you can develop something that is already for sale on Themeforest in a different format if you have permission form the author and the correct licenses

got it… thanks!