Regarding the Taxation and GST in India.


Please clarify whether we are selling the plugin licenses to customers or Envato is selling them to customers. And what we are getting is a commission or something else.

I would like to know are the Invoices that are shown against sales in the statement section generated by Envato on our behalf or are they just shown to us for our reference so we can raise a bill in our books in the customer’s name. I ask this because those are not in serial and they also don’t show the deduction of author fees. Also clarify whether we are suppose to raise invoice to Envato or Buyers.

As per my knowledge and checking the GST invoicing Envato does for customers within India a GST on handling and Buyer Fee is levied this is perfect. But as per my Tax advisor and GST law if the end-user is based in India we have to charges GST as well to the customer for the sale of a license. So how should we go ahead with this please clarify?


@ActiveITzone @boffin_coders @DivineTechs Please comment if you can shed some light on how you do invoice and tax payments.