Regarding the support system

Hello! I am a new author.

I would like to ask, what did you guys mostly use for support? What kind of third party system? I know that we can provide support via email and comment section but third-party system is more professional imo.


Just my opinion Support through email and comments will be more user friendly. But if you interest to create your own Support systems then you have to work much, you have to validate Customer that they have purchased your item or not. You have to handle purchase code using Envato api from your side to validate a customer but email and comments support you don’t need to validate as Envato will provide you all information about this when email support you receive. When comments will post you will see that the customer has purchased or not (Purchased Tag will show).


and one more thing - in your help file (inside the source zip) put something like: “if you need help or personal service please contact me at - and here is your email”

some people will contact for help, some of them will contact for personal service which means extra money for you :slight_smile:

Hello, we have a nice tool that can help you with a few things relative to themeforest.
Have a look here:

You can manage to check for purchase code information about the client, and add it to your own support listing. Also it displays whether the customer still has right to the support. It also offers a lot number of features relative to themeforest authors. Have a look.
And relative to the support, we work with a nice forum where we ask our clients to register. Forums are nice because the most of the times this has the answer to many customers with the same problem. So you can think on that option too, along as replying your customers from email and from your profile page.

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In my case it’s just a gmail, I use labels “done” and “attention” (see image below), if a customer has a problem I set a red label for this email, fix it and then set a green label. That’s all, easy and understandable.


I have decided my works for sale but have not yet been confirmed,
how much should we expect to go out for sale?

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It’s a difficult question, really. A lot of factors that can affect the result. But I can say, try & test and you will have some result which you will be able to extend.

Hey @ieseul,

Welcome to Envato! :slight_smile:

Declaimer: I am the creator of Support Hub which is a help desk solution for Envato authors (so it’s obvious what I’m using and what will I recommend :)), but what I wrote below is my personal opinion from a years-long experience as Envato author to help you start so feel free to choose any help desk solution that works for you (I would definitely recommend one).

In general, you can use any support system you want but I would recommend you to find one that can at least provide the following:

  1. Envato Integration
  2. Knowledgebase
  3. Customers database

Let me elaborate a bit on each of these.

  1. You need to be able to connect your Envato account to the help desk and to be able to verify if someone who is asking for some help has actually purchased one of your items.
    If you are using the comments section or email for providing support, Envato will automatically let you know about this, which is one of the good things if you provide support like that. However, a problem with this is that anyone can create a ticket and ask you different questions and you are not able to prevent those who haven’t purchased your item or those whos support has expired from asking you different questions.
    Maybe it’s not a big deal but it really helps when you start receiving a lot of support tickets, so it’s definitely recommended to use a helpdesk instead of handling tickets via email or via the comments section.

  2. One of the key things to succeed on Envato is to have a good documentation. The ideal solution is to have a searchable knowledgebase where your customers will easily be able to find what they are looking for. A good knowledgebase will also reduce the number of support tickets you receive so make sure that you choose the help desk solution that will allow you to create knowledgebase.

  3. This is one of the most important things that most authors are not aware of when they are starting out (I was one of those too).
    Having a list of customers who purchased your product in the past and who asked you about some help for the items they purchased is really really important for success because, if they like your work, they will most likely purchase any of the items you create in the future and you can just let them know by sending them an email when you launch a new product or upload a new item.
    So, make sure that you select the help desk solution which will allow you to collect customer information and be able to easily export it and import it to MailChimp or similar solution so you can easily contact them.

Hopefully, I helped you a bit with whether you should use a support system and how to choose one. :slight_smile: