regarding multi-purpose theme


I want to be vendor with themeforest, and to start with, i am trying with Multi-Purpose theme.
So my question is, where to start with? Design? i mean should i upload the PSDs first and get its approval and then work on wordpress theme coding?

Please let me know. thank you


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Item upload depending on your skill! If you want you can upload PSD,HTML WordPress what you wan t no problem at all.

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if you try to approve your psd first then work on wordpress theme using the approved psd will be a plus point to get approve the theme.

But my question was, If i get PSD approval, then will i be able to use same Designs when submitting the WordPress theme based upon PSD?

Thank you

definitely you can. Also if you mentioned (in the Comments for the reviewer when you will submit theme) that this theme has made using your approved psd (with envato merket psd link) then it will be a bonus point to get approve the theme.

Hi, Since i am uploading multiple demo versions, should i get approval of each catagory or upload all catagories at once?

You can’t do it in multiple categories if it’s all built on WordPress.

Multiple demos are fine but should be part of the main file

Dear Charlie, i am talking about PSD first? should i upload the PSDs for all catagories for approval at one time or upload the PSD 1 by 1?
If a PSD is rejected? then what do you say can it be approved for WordPress or never?

You can submit it as a PSD and separately as html, or WP but I’d only do it one at a time

So it means, first get approval of PSD, then get approval of html, and then get approval of wordpress.
So it means, my item such as PSD will also be available by sale if approved and if html and wordpress is approved they will be available for Sale seperately as well?

Yes but it can be submitted in any order

Hi, Also names of PSD, HTML and WordPress all need to be different or can be same as well?

Needs to be the same otherwise you may have issues

You need to know first that if you have psd approved, WordPress is harder to be approved…

Joomla html psd are faster approved then WordPress

If you make your psd and is not quality enough for WordPress, wp version will be rejected.