Regarding Evanto Market and Evanto Element

Hi, I am new to Evanto… the thing is I was looking for a wordpress theme and I found that theme in Evanto Market for 59$ but when i visit Evanto Element, with Subscription, that theme was there too. I didn’t get it at all. If i subscribe to Evanto Element can i download that theme for free. Cause in Evanto element it is saying “Subscribe to download”. What should I do please help me … should i download from evanto market or evanto element subscription.
Theme in evanto market:
Theme in evanto element subscription:

Please help. Thank you…

All themes on Envato Elements are available also on ThemeForest (somebody correct me if I am wrong). However not all themes on ThemeForest are available on Envato Elements.

The catch is that themes from Elements do not come with support or updates. And good support and regular updates are the biggest value of a good WP theme IMHO.
You can get the theme from Elements and in the future, if you will have a need for support or updates, buy it on ThemeForest. But if you are sure that you really want this theme, then buying it right off the ThemeForest is usually much better investment long-term (considering that author will keep it updated).

Thank you so much for your quick response @LSVRthemes. I will go with your suggestion and buy from Evanto Market. :slightly_smiling_face: