Regarding Australian Royalty Withholding Tax

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to ask if anyone has successfully managed to get a tax return for the Australian Royalty Withholding Tax. My accountant has told me that the form provided by Envato in tax summaries cannot be used for this purpose, as it is an internal Envato document. Instead, a document from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) would be needed that is specifically for our case.

I’m just wondering what other authors do in this situation. Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Is it here?

If not, just create a ticket

I am aware of that document. My question has more to do if anyone has successfully used the document supplied by Envato in the Tax Summaries as way to get the withheld tax back as from what I am told it cannot be used for that purpose and that instead an official document by the Australian Tax Office would be needed for that purpose.

As said…