refused to publish the track

Hello, rejected track…can you tell me what’s wrong?Thanks.

Piano unnatural. Very midi. Make the piano livelier! She drowns in the background of the rest, although she does solo(0:33 etc).
0:31 (1:17, 1:47) - such drums are not suitable for this composition(sound rough and vulgar).
String also lacks stereo, atmoshpere, power.
The ending of the work is not thought out. You just interrupted the music and that’s it. May be so conceived, I do not know.

to me the pads sound too distant and it doesnt look like they “fit” in the mix
and the end really needs to be worked out, in this kind of song i think that is easier to the listener if you end the song in the tonic chord!

hi,thanks a lot for the advice!I will work;)

hi!You are right…too much playing with the stereo…thanks for the advice!