refused template

hi there last two weeks i have done a template for themeforest
and once i submitted the item after a week i received and mail containing that the item has been refused and they say the problem was in quality but my own looks like some of the templates there or even better i dont know why they keep on refusing my templates this is the second time they refuse my templates
i think the problem was in structure of files.
my quastion:

  1. can i enhance the template and resubmit it again

Yes if you make enough of a visible change to improve it.

You would be wise to share a link to the demo here to get feedback

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can you tell me how do you organize your files and folders
i structure them like this:
main folder/
html files

That looks about right also check this

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hi, well basically u can , however , according to my own experience , when i tried at a couple of occasions, it never worked now u can give it a try …;