Refusal My Business Card

Hello Guys !
I wanna ask you about Refusal my buisness card !
All Sizes are good ! bleed settings and I make with 3.5x2 in.
I creat folder with :
fonts - colors- informations card text - read me text - screenshoots - Image Preview - Thumbnail - Main File(s). 4 times I submite and I editing my items !
why I don’t have right to sell in this market ?

Can you please show the item so we can comment, you can upload the preview to google drive or something and share link or just upload the image here. Glad to help if I can

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Yep I will Thank you but I have a creative Idea :slight_smile: !
it’s ok if I change design and i upload with same sizes ?

This is not an open marketplace. Only high-quality items are allowed in, anything that is inferior quality compared to existing items in the category is rejected. Every aspect of design matters (font, color, spacing, etc).

Also in the case of business cards, there’s so many business cards already for sale that your item has to be REALLY good to get approved.


As long as you make significant changes and improvements, you can upload the design again.

Really thank you for your advice !
I will work on this Baileyherbert

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Can ask you Baileyherbert !
there any other bleed settings or just a normal bleed as everyone knows !
if there is any tuts can you help me with it ?
and thank you :slight_smile: