Refunded credit but cant use it?

I have $14 in credit but cant use it. I need to have $20 in credit before I can use MY MONEY! I want my $14 and I will never use this site again.

You can buy anything that’s $14 or under. Like any other marketplace where you have $14 in credit. If you want something that’s $20 or more then of course you’re going to need $20 or more to pay for it. I’m assuming you might be referring to the fact that you need to add a minimum of $20 in credit to purchase anything over $14 so you’ll have money left over? Its not ideal, but thats always been the way here.

Interesting. So I need to spend another $6 to use my $14? That would mean your asking me to pay $6 for my $14. That doesn’t sound right, does it? I will contact the Better Business Bureau and formally complain as well as contact my credit card company. I will get my money back!

And you are running a scam!

Well no, the minimum you can pay in credits is $20… unless you want to pay for an item directly, then it’s the price of the item and the fee for paying directly… which is 1 or 2 dollars. The downside is that you can’t mix payment types… so it’s add $20 to your $14 and buy something up to $34… or buy directly with the additional fee. But as you’ve not mentioned any of that, I’m assuming that’s not what you’re concerned about.

Based on the wording of your post, you seem to be slightly confused by the whole concept. You don’t have to pay anything to use your $14. If you want to buy an item that is $1, $5, $10 or $14… just buy it with your $14. There’s no need to pay $6 to use your $14. Only if you want to buy something that’s more than $14 will you need more than $14 in your account. Surprisingly enough.

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Out of interest the payment which you had refunded - was that:

  1. a direct purchase eg where you bought an item by paying the admin fee and without making any deposit?


  1. did you make a deposit and this refund was from a payment which was part of that?

#1. I made a direct payment through PayPal. I don’t really understand what a deposit is. The product cost 14. I was charged 14+2 PayPal fee.

in which case it’s worth asking support who may be able to refund you directly (no promises)

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That is the most absurd excuse I’ve ever heard. Read your post out loud and tell me if that makes any sense. You’re running a scam, hoping people will forget about their credit so you can reap some extra profit. I will do my best to call attention to your misdeeds Envato. I will win this fight because my credit card company will cancel the transaction, you have already lost a customer and I will relentlessly post so my colleagues , and anyone else who reads this post will be aware of this scam.

I’m just explaining the process and stating facts. How absurd you feel that process is, doesn’t alter the facts unfortunately.

On a side note, that’s the second time you’ve insinuated that I’m running a scam. Please be aware that I am not employed by Envato, so I have no say in any of their policies, and derive no benefit or loss from you losing your credits, forgetting about your credits, or having your credits/money refunded to you.

Therefore, I’d be grateful if you could refrain from making such libellous statements. Thanks!

Not libelous, just facts (check your spelling before posting). I’d advise you not to do business with them. If you reap the rewards of being associated with their site, you also are responsible for the actions of Envato. Don’t be a fool!

You clearly stated that I am running a scam. Not that Envato is running a scam, or anyone else is running a scam… you said, in a direct response to my post, that I am running a scam. As I am most definitely not running a scam, that is a libellous statement. Oh, and maybe consider which version of English somebody might be using before pulling them up on their spelling.

I have a $21 credit on my account. The item I want is $26. During checkout I am being forced to add an additional $20 on my account to use my $21 dollar credit. I agree with the writer above, it does seem like a scam. This is something Envato needs to fix immediately before they are sued for deceptive business practices. If I don’t get this resolved fast, I will make a claim with BBB and formally close my account.

If you bought credits and paid for the item with credits then you’re unlikely to get a refund. If you paid for the item directly using Paypal or a card or something, then contact support and ask for it to be credited back to your payment source.

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Purely for clarity

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I think you’re missing the point. The credit is due to a refund. However, I can not use the refund without adding an additional $20 to my account. That is a rip-off. The item I want to purchase is $26. My credit is $21. That makes no sense. Also, all of their competitors do not operate the same. Adobe offers less hassle.

I guess the issue is not actually the refund process as much as the minimum deposit

With respect you can - you just need to choose something of the same original value. The only issue is that you want something which is more expensive.

Out of interest what does Adobe do differently? I know of but that’s even more expensive? I may well be missing something but am certain if there was a (feasible) better way to do things then envato would want to hear about it.

All companies allow customers to use store credit for partial purchase and credit/debit for the rest. This way the customer isn’t leaving money in his/her account. Come on guys!

Why is their any minimum refund amount? That’s the issue!

Unfortunately this is not an option regardless of if someone is buying for the first time, or should it be after they received a refund. Changing that is a much bigger and different discussion.

Not sure I follow that? There is not a minimum refund amount?

The refund relates to a specific purchase. Any funds returned can/will only take that item/cost into consideration

And that’s why you keep hearing “SCAM”. Because your forcing customers to “deposit” more money than they would use.

So, who gets to keep all that extra money (that customers cannot use) that sits in customers’ accounts? YOU DO!

How do I withdraw the money that I’m not using, but is still actually my money? I CANT.