I bought Berk theme, from Jellythemes, on Envato Market, and I’m really regretted about it.

It doesn’t work properly. I can’t customize the theme, in a basic way, like background color or use Google Fonts. With Jellythemes support, they had access to my wp admin, and installed some plugins that would help me out, but I need to know a lot about CSS to do these changes. If I was that expert in CSS, I wouldn’t buy a theme, because I could develop my own CSS into a free theme.

I tried a lot with them in the support, but it’s not working. The demo is very cool, but that’s just it: same font, pictures should have the same size, otherwise it won’t work.

And the theme came iwth php error (as they said so in the support box), how can I be sure that in future updates won’t have more errors? The first time I installed it the menu wasn’t working.

How can I request a refund, because I can’t use this to anything. And never will buy anything from jellythemes again, they aren’t ready. Very upset, wasted time and money on this.

You can check

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I do not think you can get a refund because from what you write the theme is working correctly.
The problem is that you want to customize the theme and the design without know the CSS, but this is not a problem of the theme.

If you do not know the CSS language and you need to customize the design, you will need a tool like Yellow Pencil:

About the updates. You do not need to do them. It is actually recommended to avoid updates if there is not a specific reason for that.