Hello. I signed up for envanto elements and realized that it did not suit me for work. How can I cancel an existing subscription and receive a refund? I sent a request, but they said that they would respond within 10 days, I think by this moment a return will no longer be possible

If you raised a request with support Envato Elements Help and Support, then unfortunately you will need to wait as they are the only people who can address this.

FYI - it will depend a lot on if you downloaded anything. Is it an annual or monthly subscription?

Yes, I uploaded 3 files. By the way, this was the reason for unsubscribing, I need to download 200-300 files per day and the inability to select a lower resolution, downloading some videos in archives would greatly slow down my work

if you have downloaded files then you will unfortunately have to wait for support to review it.

FYI - needing to download that quantity sounds like stockpiling (you can’t be using that many in active projects that quickly) which would also breach the license and terms

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no, not for stocking. I just work like a donkey :smiley: thank you,Charlie

Hi @kuzminegor ! Well, as far as I can see, you wanted to receive all the items (200-300 items per day), and then cancel the subscription, and still refund the money for it, it looks like an unfair use and “abuse”.
There are some rules you can read here. :arrow_down:

If you downloaded so many items for stockpiling, then I am sure that your subscription amount will not be refunded to you.

Good luck!

i downloaded only 3 files :smiley:

i make 2 videos this type per day,thay are very simple but lot`s of footages

Well, I see no reason not to believe you. But Envato sees everything! :blush: