i have open a ticket with 327413 id for get refund in a product o bought from your marketplace that is “Alaska - SEO WHMCS Hosting, Shop, Business Theme”. May i ask about how my ticket is going on till now whos is the person i have to speak about and when i get refunded??

i posted here cause i dont now where i can track my ticket and how can i resolve my issue, so i apologize if i cause any messup

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When did you send the ticket? This can take a few days to check.

Please note that refunds only apply to themes which do not work or not perform as advertised.


Thanks for the reply

it was 3 days by now, please see my attached screenshot

Thank u


They tend not to work weekends and normally this can take up to a week unless it is something very black and white.

Unfortunately you may just need to wait. Sorry


If you tweeted @envato_help with your ticket ID, I think that would speed up their response.


Thanks both of u much,

I will do as Charlie say and wait

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hi, answers provided and problem solved depends on what they are all about and on the flow of peope contacting them


What do u mean by that , if u havent notice i have 1 weak chat with that guy and he always found a wasy NOT to help…!!! What u suppose me to do? This is my conversation with that guys

Sorry if i didnt understand what u say