Refund Urgently

Hello, Please this is urgent, Let’s resolve this passively, quietly and respectfully, because I am a good customer of Envato and I have nothing to complain about. I just need you to understand me about the problem I am undergoing and to give me an appropriate solution according to my request.

I’ve already opened a Ticket about my problem and Envato staff does not even get to Solve my problem.

I need the full refund of my money on Evanto Elements.

The problem is: Everything I’m interested in Envato Market is not in Envato Elements.

I can not even work on account of what I wanted in Envato Market not to find in Envato elements.

I paid the annual subscription to be able to help my clients with professional Design jobs. Now I can not download the things I want for my current client.

I prefer to buy things one by one, Deliver service by service to each of my clients.

Please, can someone return my money so I can buy it?

I had to spend another 7 dollars to buy what my client just wanted. So I’ve already spent more money knowing that I have my annual subscription active and can not even find the item I need in the packaging elements.

Please, this is urgent.

Sorry to hear that Elements didn’t work for your work flow. It looks you’ve opened a ticket already which is good. We’re not able to help with account issues on the forums but our Elements Help Team will be happy to assist

Elements Help Ticket



Hello, I’ve been waiting for this for two days. Does it take so long for your team to solve my problem?

Two days is a lot and I know you understand me. We who work with Design and Marketing. We have definite time for everything. We have to keep time with our customers.

Hurry up, please.


You’re right.
I had a client too. I wanted to return the fee but could not reach the profile or even personally wanted to send myself his money but hopefully he forgives me for this injustice. :frowning:

afonsopunk, did they refund your money? Cause I am also in the same situation as you, and I am getting worried after reading your post. Please let me know how this ends. Thanks!