Refund time?

sorry i am posting it here, i dont know how to start a new thread or ask questions in this forums.

so Author refused to support and gave me a silly excuse why they wont support me and ready to refund.


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Price: $39 USD

they are saying they refunded the money but i still got nothing.

my question is how long it will take to show it on my Envato account(not paypal)??


That item author are responsible for support cause they providing support.Here is their support link

If they didn’t providing support to you then
Getting touch with Envato customer success

they would like to assist you.


yes they refused to support me and agreed on refund. they said they refunded but i didn’t receive the money in envato account yet.

if you sent them refund request and the Item Author accepted your refund request then it can take around 2 business days to review the request and fund transfer to your Envato account.

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