Refund - Smoke logo reveal

Hi there.

I am trying to find out about refund / support.

I just purchased smoke reveal logo and when I open it in After effects there are 10 video files missing!!!

I get the warning that 10 files are missing since the project was last saved.

I cannot see how to directly contact the author other than adding a comment on the authored content page.

I have quite a tight deadline as I need to add the logo reveal to a project by the end of this week.

I purchased this to hopefully save me time and it seems now I cannot use it.

Due to the missing video files when I render it I just get the intro text added by the author and nothing else after that.

Please can someone assist ti urgently get this resolved or refunded so that I can get a smoke logo reveal sorted out urgently


It’s unlikely that an item with missing files and thus unusable could have passed review.

Are you sure you have correctly unzipped all files and folders?

Hi there.

The download file is the size stated on the site

It unzipped without error. it is 1.8 GB unzipped so there are a lot of video files in the zip file.

Many of the video files are present but 10 are missing

This is the result of what I get when I attempt to use the downloaded template


There is no missing file in the project, the problem is that in the latest Adobe versions doesn’t support QuickTime codec anymore, you have to convert all the mov videos to mp4 and then replace it again.

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Thanks for the assistance. I will try that

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry I am quite new to After effects. I have converted all the files to .mp4. I cannot replace them as I get “Unable to connect to adobe dynamic link project”

What am I missing now?

Just go to each missing video on the projects assets panel and right click — Replace footage — import and choose the converted video has the same name in the projects assets panel.

Hope this will help you :slightly_smiling_face: