Refund Requested Closed with no Reason

I requested for a refund and my refund was closed with no reason.
Scam site or scam author?


Maybe you can contact the support team to get a more detailed answer about that. Or contact via email to get a more definite answer about that, cheers :clinking_glasses:

You would have got an answer regardless of it was approved or rejected.

When you say it’s been closed, how do you you know that? Is it just they or is not showing in your profile?

Best option is support Envato Market Help and Support

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I raised a request for a refund and now I see that I can’t even raise a request because the author took down the app.

Very smart way of escaping a refund request!

To community moderator @charlie4282 , does it work this way???

Depends how long ago you purchased the item.

If it was years go then you are going to struggle but if it was fairly recent (and assuming that the item actually is removed and not just temporarily disabled) then it’s still worth raising with support.

Envato Market Help and Support

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I bought the product only 2 weeks ago.
I finally got a response from the original refund request and have just a raised a dispute.

Yet again, I cannot see anything in my account because the product is not on the market.
This is really a good way for the author to just runaway with the money by delisting it. And the T&Cs already state to download ASAP which means, Envato condones authors to remove their app suddenly even if you have just bought it a minute ago.

It’s really not like that. Any author will not like to stop their earning by removing/delisting their item. Because to make each item and to get approve author spent many times and efforts.

may be there are any specific reason to remove the Item. More info here.


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Papon maybe will just want to delist it until my support expires and then list it back again.
They are just not responding to any of my emails. It’s basically cheating. I’m paying for a product with 6 months support and I am not even getting the product nor the support.

Isn’t this a scam?

In this ncase you should report it directly to the Envato Customer Support. They will check it with the author for you.

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I’d like to know why to ask for a refund is so difficult in Envato. There must exist a button “Request a refund” or similar besides each purchased product.

Worst than that, the support takes a week to give an answer, so the seller gains time to evade his commitments, including the return of the money. Surely these strategies are considered “bad practices” by the regulatory agencies.

Hi @victimp.

How did you request for the refund?

I don´t see any button o link to do that. I did contact directly the developers and I’m waiting for an answer…

Hi @centronavka – you can open a refund request at As noted above, the request first goes to the seller. If they don’t respond within a business week, or if they reject the request, then you can dispute it with Envato from the refund details page.

I did that and it was rejected by the seller. I raised a dispute but I cannot find the dispute.

Its all hidden from sight!

Most likely its because the seller delisted the product that’s why I cannot see anything.

Very bad practice and Envato allows this to happen.

That is the whole idea.

@victimp Authors removing their items will not affect the refund process in any way, nor does it excuse them from honoring their support commitments.

I will admit that Envato’s refund system is fairly confusing from a UX point of view. I’m not sure how you can track the status of the dispute. I would expect it to be on the same page that you originally opened the dispute from. It’s not necessarily deliberate, the development team is just shockingly small so the implementation is a bit lacking.

That all said, you don’t seem to have a buyer badge on your account anymore, which may suggest that the dispute was approved. You can check your statement to see if there is a manual adjustment or refund. Here’s your statement link:

I don’t have a buyer badge because I cannot use the account that I bought the app on this forum. Envato has blocked me from using that account to post anything.

The page that I originally opened the dispute form…shows nothing at all now.

I don’t think anyone can help with a product that the author pulled from Envato.
That’s an entire loophole by itself.

Papon is a scam author.

As suggested previously have you emailed envato about this and explained that the item has been removed so you cannot a ticket against it?

What was their response?

Envato can definitely help even with items which are removed once they are made aware of it.

no response!
I waiting for no response and no response from the author.

No response form envato either? How long ago did you send a support request (to envato not the author)