Refund request - everything is clearly mention in description of item

Hi there… i just got refund request for the item that is already downloaded , and the reason given is clearly not making sense , as everything is clearly written in description of the item , and client given the following reason:

i have a dropbox account bussines that allows me to save 1Tb of files for 10usd per month… and i see this project as people can download files from my dropbox but now support say this script just sync files from user account dropbox to buckty user account U.U this does not have any sense, if i have a lot of more space in my dropbox that in my hosting why i will want to do that? so i need a refund because is not working as it as described.

and this is what is written in product’s description on top :

Users also can connect to their Dropbox and Google drive accounts to sync the files or folders from buckty to dropbox or dropbox to buckty and same for Google drive to buckty or buckty to Google drive.

so please suggest guys , what would be the best decision to make ?