Refund PSD


Hi! My PSD template was sold. But now i have refund request.

And this is the massage:

I’m trying to convert the sketch to html5 and css with photoshop and dreamweaver

I cannot use it properly with CS6

Can you send me just the plain html files? I tried on a Windows laptop and doesn’t work :frowning:
On my Mac doesn’t work too.

I actually don’t understand what does he mean “convert to html and css”. And what is “plain html files”?
Please help me. Thank you!


The user wants to convert your design into a functional website, but does not have the skills to do so. This is not a valid reason for a refund request. You can reject the request and let the user dispute with Envato quite safely, Envato should back up your position on this.

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Thank you so much! But what if he rate me with one star? Can i fix this?


If that happens then report it to envato who will back you up and remove it.

They are even asking you to send the file in a different format which they have not paid for?!?!

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Thank you very much!:slight_smile: