Refund problem

Hello there,

I sold 1 item but later got a refund. How can I be sure if I will buy and use my product?

Where can I see the reason and explanation of the refund?


If the refund has done by the refund procedure then usually you have accepted the refund request and You can see about the refund in your Refunds page.

Here you can check Envato Market Refund Rules



My refund page is blank. Also in this way receive a refund, they indirtiy free on sites like this.


Also, I never received any refund requests.

Writes a text like this in the statement section. What does it mean?

A sale reversal is the result of a cancelled or disputed payment, enforced by the payment gateway or bank. The unique purchase code for this transaction is:

A sales reversal is not the same as a refund.

It’s a dispute between buyer and their bank/payment provider.

Unfortunately there is very little that author or envato can do to prevent them.

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